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Campus Master Plan Update

Campus meetings

Focus group and open campus meeting questions

  1. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the existing campus?
  2. What is most memorable about the campus? What is least memorable about the campus?
  3. When visiting any campus, most people search for the “heart”. That gathering place where everyone seems to congregate. It can be a quad, a building, or a plaza, but most often it is the place you go to, to see what’s happening on campus. Where is this place, or places on Kansas State’s campus?
  4. In reference to the “heart”, what could be done to further improve this place?
  5. Have you seen something on another campus that you wish was at Kansas State?
  6. Which buildings should be retained at any cost? Which buildings can be removed/replaced?
  7. How can a sense of community be enhanced both on and off campus?
  8. Do the current locations of academic programs, administrative units, housing, athletic & recreation facilities, and support services function well collectively? What campus uses could be relocated to facilitate better flow, land use, or operations?
  9. What are your views regarding the need for additional housing on campus? What types of housing should be added or replaced? Where should it be located?
  10. Do the existing parking structures, public transportation, or campus streets provide for the daily needs of students, faculty, and staff? If not, what could be improved?
  11. In your opinion should the campus improve linkages with the community in any of the following areas: shared resources, retail opportunities, professional services, educational programs, and cultural events?
  12. Are there any places on or off campus that feel unsafe to you? If yes, where?
  13. What is your opinion of the sense of arrival on campus at Kansas State University? What could be done to strengthen this experience?
  14. How do you feel about the landscaping and open space on campus?
  15. In your opinion, what’s sets Kansas State University apart from other institutions that you think is especially important?
  16. If a significant donor came to you with a few hundred thousand dollars, how would you improve the physical campus?
  17. What if the donor had several million dollars, how would you improve the campus?