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LGBT Resource Center


LGBTQ* Faculty and Staff Alliance at K-State

Who We Are

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or LGBTQ* Faculty Staff Alliance consists of both classified and unclassified K-State employees as well as Graduate Students. While the organization's name is a basic reflection of historically names, recognized, and marginalized identities, we also want to emphasize that it is not comprehensively representational of the intersectional identities of our membership. The members of our organization are deeply committed to advocating for sexuality and gender identity social justice. 

What We Do

The purpose of LGBTQ*FSA is to support and advocate for sexuality and gender identity based issues on the Kansas State University campus. We accomplish this by encouraging and supporting to following;

  • Advocating for the recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of sexuality and gender identity minority faculty and staff. 
  • Assisting in the recruitment and retention of LGBTQ students with the goal to increase graduation rates.
  • Serving in a variety of mentorship roles for our students and peers, both professionally and personally.
  • Maintaining a cultural presence on the campus and in the community to develop community building.
  • Providing input in institutional planning committees involved in varied University practices and advocacy for sexuality and gender identity issues in policy and in representation on our campus

By working with campus organizations and entities we advance diversity and multi-cultural initiatives and programs within Kansas State University and the advancement of civil rights and social justice for all members of the campus community.

How To Get Involved

The LGBTQ* FSA holds weekly meetings on Thursday evenings, currently over Zoom. Please contact a member of the executive board for additional information on meeting times and other events.

Current Executive Board:

Co-Chair: Mariya Vaughan

Social Chair: Amber Neely



Schedule of Events:

* Stay Tuned For More ~ Coming Soon *



Statement of Support - Published 12/04/18