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Body Positive, Ability Positive, QUEER Positive!

AdventureOUT is a program aimed at promoting personal well-being through community building! This program's goal is to connect people though engagement with a variety of wellness activities, both virtually and in-person, and develop a stronger since of community on campus. We look forward to seeing you at a future event!

 In the past we have gone on hikes at the Konza Prairie, practiced Yoga, a scavenger hunt in Sunset Cemetary, and even participated in some Drama Therapy facilitations. Have an idea for an event, let us know!




AdventureOUT Informed Consent

Programs facilitated through AdventureOUT will be created using theories and techniques of Drama Therapy. Drama Therapy is the intentional use of theatre and drama with the intent of personal growth, development of skills, and community building. This is not to say that all programs will be theatrical in nature but planned and facilitated from the drama therapy perspective. It is important to note that, while facilitators may be in the process of becoming therapists, they are not therapists yet and these programs should not be used in place of professional mental health services. If you are experiencing mental and emotional strain due to a stressful environment, please reach out to Counseling Services at (785)532-9627 or the K-State Family Center at (785)532-6984. 

The facilitator is likely to be a Drama Therapy Master’s Student, and as a requirement of our Supervision coursework, we need to practice documentation. These notes are strictly classroom material and will only be seen by the facilitator and Melissa Briggs, our instructor. All identifiable personal information will be excluded. If you do not consent to these notes being taken, inform the facilitator at the onset of the session. All questions can be directed to the LGBT Resource Center at (785) 532-5352.