K-State Spectrum Speaker's Bureau

The K-State Spectrum Center is happy to provide our campus with the Spectrum Speaker’s Bureau. This speaker’s bureau is designed to provide resident advisors, student organizations and instructors, faculty, and a multitude of other entities an opportunity to sponsor a sexuality or gender identity themed diversity discussion that aims to educate students about current issues affecting the LGBTQ community through discussion and dialogue.

The Spectrum Speaker's Bureau consists of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff, and community members who are trained to speak about their personal experiences or coordinate a workshop for students about sexuality or gender identity. Bureau members are comfortable with their own diverse sexual and gender identities and are eager to share their own experiences to educate the greater campus community about concerns and issues within the LGBTQ community.

If your residence hall, organization, or class would like to address sexuality and gender identity issues, invite the Spectrum Speaker’s Bureau by emailing us at lgbt@k-state.edu or phoning 785.532.5299.

How do I Work with the Spectrum Speaker's Bureau? It's simple.

E-mail or phone the Spectrum Center and let us know what your needs are.


  1. Your program idea or topic to be addressed (e.g. being LGBT at K-State; LGBT and persons of faith; coming out in the workplace)
  2. Potential date(s), location, and time
  3. How many speakers would be required

What are Some Possible Discussions?

  • Coming out experiences
  • LGBT portrayals in the media
  • Being LGBT and a person of faith
  • Understanding Transgender issues;
  • Having dual identities (LGBT and racial minority)
  • Sexuality and gender spectrums
  • Queer History
  • Or any other topics pertinent for your students

How do I Get Involved with the Spectrum Speaker's Bureau?

If you are a current undergraduate or graduate LGBT or allied student, faculty, or staff and feel comfortable sharing your life experiences with others, then please let us know!