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About the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows Program


Coach Bill Snyder, long-time head coach of the Kansas State University football program, continues to have an exemplary career resulting in his selection multiple times as National and Conference Coach of the Year. Over his career, Coach Snyder developed and implemented his 16 Goals for Success, a system consisting of leadership principles, practices, and programming that led to a successful program for his players and the university – on and off the field. His 16 Goals for Success have been embraced by many as guiding principles for success in life – in family, community, and career. An early supporter of the Staley School of Leadership Studies and a founding member of the Staley School’s Advancement Council, Coach Snyder has helped guide and support an emerging, innovative idea into a thriving program – a natural partner for the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows program. The program strives to prepare students for the transition from college to career and for engagement as lifelong leaders.

The Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows program will:
  • Provide a leadership development opportunity rooted in Coach Snyder's 16 Goals for Success, to top students of Kansas State University.
  • Provide an opportunity to engage in a leadership dialogue with Coach Snyder.
  • Purposefully connect students to community and business leaders, successful athletes and scholars along with peers who all share an interest in exercising leadership in their lives.
  • Provide tools and resources that will aid students in working toward a common goal, with others, as a team, in a competitive environment.
  • Raise the visibility, importance, and expectations of leadership in action, during and after a student's formal education.
  • Elevate students' passion for service, encouraging and connecting them with resources capable of transforming visions into actions that make a difference in the world in which they live.

Coach Snyder is a developer of leaders, whose legacy continues to have a tremendous impact far beyond the game of football. The Staley School of Leadership Studies and K-State Athletics honor Coach Snyder’s leadership legacy in a manner that, like his understanding of leadership, serves individuals and communities broadly. The Staley School will continue Coach Snyder’s efforts by extending to new audiences the opportunity for personal and professional leadership development that he has so generously provided to those with whom he works and lives. The Snyder Fellows and this program will continue Coach Snyder’s work in leadership development for future generations. 

Future Growth

The program will include a class of up to 40 outstanding K-State students entering their final year of undergraduate studies. As the Fellows alumni base builds, additional leadership development opportunities will be offered for program alumni. The Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows program honors Coach Bill Snyder, his dedication to Kansas State University, The Staley School of Leadership Studies, his players, and K-State students by continuing his work in developing leaders who will be equipped to be change agents on campus, in the community, throughout the state, and beyond.

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2018-2019 Snyder Fellows have been announced!

Click HERE to read the full announcement. 

Leadership Lessons from Bill Snyder book

We are excited to announce that Dr. Robert Shoop and Dr. Susan Scott's book, Leadership Lessons from Bill Snyder, was updated in 2015 and is available locally! Currently, the book is available at  Claflin Books and Copies. Please email Marcia Hornung, hornung@ksu.edu with any questions related to the book.