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Staley School of Leadership Studies

LEAD 212 Class Leaders

LEAD 212 Class Leaders are students who help teach the large lecture sections of LEAD 212 - Introduction to Leadership Concepts. LEAD 212 Class Leaders are asked to facilitate small group discussions, lead active-learning exercises, create a learning community with their students and perform administrative functions (such as grading, attendance, etc). These students serve as a bridge between students and instructors - they are motivated to help students learn the academic discipline of leadership and adjust to the K-State campus community.

Applications are open for fall 2021 and are due by noon Wednesday, Feb. 10.

Qualifications for fall 2021

The minimum qualifications for LEAD 212 Class Leaders are:

  • Good academic (minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA) and disciplinary standing at K-State
  • Will be in at least their third year of college by fall 2021 (based on years in college, not credit hours)
  • Understand and believe in the mission of the Staley School of Leadership Studies
  • Have previously taken a LEAD 212 or equivalent introduction to leadership course; and have taken/currently enrolled in LEAD 350 (will have completed LEAD 350 before fall 2021)
  • Exhibit responsibility, positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, team orientation, strong energy level, and excellent communication skills
  • Relate well with students and faculty
  • Able to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn about leadership
  • Demonstrate willingness to develop self-awareness and teamwork, planning, and facilitation skills
  • Available for  training seminars in the spring (2 hours per session), individual summer prep work, training seminars in the fall and Fall Retreat
  • Able to commit approximately 5 hours per week during the fall 2021 semester for class time, class prep, grading, and individual meetings, etc.

For questions about LEAD 212 Class Leaders, please contact Mike Finnegan at mikefinn@ksu.edu or Andrea Luke at aluke@ksu.edu.

Class Leader end of semester celebration

Fall 2020 Class Leaders

Jenae Anderson
Allison Arrendondo
Jake Ausman
Abbi Barron
Grace Barron
Brandon Bednar
Blakely Bittel
Emily Block
Bob Brummett
Lexi Cannizzo
Karisma Carmichael
Lily Colburn
Sage Collins
Amber Cox
Ethan Doherty
MaKenna Eilert
Michaela Fullerton
Jonathan Greenlee
Julia Gross
Ellie Hahn
Shaylyn Hanna
Colyn Heiumerman
Gracyn Higley
Cale Hupe
Hannah Junk
Hope Klausmeyer
Cameron Koger
Vedant Kulkarni
Evan McCleary
Eli McDonald
Grace Meindl
Gabe Mitchell
Seth Montgomery
Joshua Montgomery
Brian Mota
Rhett Pierce
Izaac Pritchett
Abigail Rebollar
Natalie Rockers
Kyra Rodriguez
Grace Scott
Haley Smith
Nicholas Sprowls
Wyatt Steining
Reagan Stonestreet
Samantha Stunkel
Jesika Tieszen
Jamie Trenary
Haley Webb
Ashley Werth
Megan Wheeler
Olivia White
Isabelle Woodrum
DeAndra Woodyard
Marisa Young