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Staley School of Leadership Studies

LEAD 212 Class Leaders

LEAD 212 Class Leaders are students who help teach the large lecture sections of LEAD 212 - Introduction to Leadership Concepts. LEAD 212 Class Leaders are asked to facilitate small group discussions, lead active-learning exercises, create a learning community with their students and perform administrative functions (such as grading, attendance, etc). These students serve as a bridge between students and instructors - they are motivated to help students learn the academic discipline of leadership and adjust to the K-State campus community.

The minimum qualifications for LEAD 212 Class Leaders are:
• Good academic (minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA) and disciplinary standing.
• Will be in at least their third year of college (based on years in college, not credit hours).
• Understand and believe in the mission of the Staley School of Leadership Studies.
• Have previously taken a LEAD 212 or equivalent introduction to leadership course; and have taken/currently enrolled in LEAD 350.
• Exhibit responsibility, positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, team orientation, high energy level, and strong communication skills.
• Relate well with students and faculty.
• Able to give and receive constructive feedback.
• Demonstrate a desire to learn about leadership.
• Demonstrate willingness to develop self-awareness and teamwork, planning, and facilitation skills.
• Available for four training seminars in the spring (two hours per session), serving with the Flint Hills Breadbasket (approximately two hours), individual summer prep work (approximately 8-10 hours), Fall Retreat (approximately eight hours).
• Able to commit approximately hours per week fall 2020 for class time, class prep, grading, and individual meetings, etc.

For questions about LEAD 212 Class Leaders, please contact Amanda Cebula at acebula@ksu.edu.

Class Leader end of semester celebration

Fall 2019 LEAD 212 Class Leaders

Abbi Barron
Grace Barron
Payton Best
Emily Block
Ivy Bogle
Jacob Boyce
Tyler Brelsford
Gillian Brennan
Francisco Cardoza
Jessie Carr
Sabrina Cline
Savannah Cook
Ethan Doherty
Shelby Foster
Adam Gillette
Jonathan Greenlee
Kevin Grush
Whitney Gutsch
Erin Guyette
Mackensie Haverkamp
Isaac Henson
Gracyn Higley
Lindsay Hoyt
Abbie Hughes
Cale Hupe
Sid Jambunathan
Jazmine Johnson
Lorena Juanez
Hannah Kemplay
Emily Lowe
Sierra Marstall
Grace Meindl
Kate Messer
Abby Molzer
Taylor Mosher
Rhett Pierce
Matt Plummer
Broc Putnam
Corbin Sedlacek
Anna Spexarth
Sydney Sprague
Hannah Sutherland
Isis Thornton-Saunders
Chelsea Turner
Hannah Valentine
Karsen Webber
Spencer West
Madison White
Audrey Wilson
Emily Wollard