James R. Coffman Leadership Institute

The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute (CLI) serves as a launching point for continuous leadership development, professional networking, and empowerment of Kansas State University professionals. This institute offers faculty and unclassified staff a unique opportunity to refresh and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge through in-person facilitation over the course of four days.

The 2025 Event

Though this program is traditionally offered each summer, we are excited to announce CLI will be hosted in January (8-10), 2025, with the goal of serving faculty and unclassified staff who may not be able to participate in summer programming.

To facilitate this programming, we will be sharing more information about the nomination process, and call for nominations deadlines, which will be announced in September 2024.

View photos from the 2023 event on Facebook.

Purpose of the Institute

The three primary objectives of this institute are:

  • Provide opportunity for participants to refresh and develop their leadership skills in a safe yet challenging learning environment.
  • Provide an opportunity for networking and interdisciplinary cooperation for faculty and staff.
  • Infuse Kansas State University with more empowered faculty and staff leaders.

Building relationships

An essential key for leadership success in any organization is the ability to build good relationships with members of the organization. Institute participants will have the opportunity to explore and initiate collaborative projects and discuss leadership issues. They will also have the chance to strengthen current relationships and to build new ones with other professionals at Kansas State University.

Recognizing your leadership style

The James R. Coffman Leadership Institute is based on the philosophy that every individual can be a successful leader. This success depends on learning leadership skills as well as recognition of one’s leadership style. Further refining of one’s leadership style, understanding its associated strengths and challenges as well as its impact on decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving preferences will be a major focus of the institute.

Institute format

Learning activities are arranged to maximize participant learning and engage all learning styles. Topics may include: inclusive leadership, conflict resolution, change management, leadership style assessment, shared leadership, and team building. Formats: workshops, panel discussions, small and large group activities, small group discussions, presentations, case studies, and self-assessments.

What to expect

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a focused and in-depth adult learning experience aimed at leadership development. They will be offered knowledge and skill-based learning modules to engage them cognitively as well as behaviorally. Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with other professionals who want to make a difference at Kansas State University. Conference activities will take place at K-State’s Manhattan campus and in the local Manhattan community. As a feature of the retreat, participants will get to experience and interact with different parts of the campus and community.

For a list of past participants, please email leadership@ksu.edu.