Luis Guillermo Solís

President of Costa Rica

Luis Guillermo SolisElected president of Costa Rica in 2014, Solís has a long background in education and politics. He studied history at the University of Costa Rica, going on to earn a master's degree in Latin American studies from Tulane University. He was an associate professor of history at the University of Costa Rica from 1981-1987, serving as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Michigan from 1983-1985. He also worked at Florida Atlantic University where he was coordinator of the Center for the Administration Justice and a researcher for the Latin American and Caribbean Center.

His political experience includes serving as an official of Costa Rica's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as ambassador for Central American affairs and director of foreign policy. Solís has published more than 10 books and written many articles for newspapers and magazines.

Solís will be the second Costa Rican president to give a Landon Lecture, joining Oscar Arias Sanchez who spoke in 1987.

Luis Guillermo Solís
Landon Lecture
May 19, 2016