Hugh Sidey

Hugh Sidey

Time magazine political and White House correspondent

Hugh Sidey, who covered the White House and the American Presidency for Time magazine for close to half a century, died Monday night in Paris of a heart attack. He was 78. Born and raised in Iowa, Sidey came to understand the presidents of the last 48 years as well as anyone. He was with Kennedy in Dallas and Nixon in China. He was the iconic insider, staying close to many presidents even after they left the White House, becoming great friends with Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush.

A fourth-generation journalist and son of a country editor in Greenfield, Iowa, Sidey never became a prisoner of the Beltway. He'd often go home to Iowa to listen and learn what Americans were thinking. He was among the first print journalists on regular television, appearing on the late Agronsky & Company. As he scaled back his work for Time, he continued to be deeply involved in the life of the White House. He was active in the White House Historical Association and co-wrote a book, The Presidents of the United States of America, that is a good history of the men and the office.

Though retired, Sidey continued to work for Time, and had been on assignment for the magazine as recently as last week.

Hugh Sidey
Landon Lecture
March 27, 1980