Health Promotion

Bulletin Board in a Bag
We know you spend a great amount of time preparing your bulletin boards for your communities. We hope we have made it easier for you by providing a wide variety of bulletin board resources and posters you can print for your hall. Wish we had a topic not currently available? Let us know; we are always looking for additional ideas.

Every Wildcat a WellCAT Resources Overview
Learn about the six pillars at K-State that are key to holistic well-being: Career, Financial, Social, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Key campus resources to support students' well-being will be discussed, as well as the EssentiaLIST model, which can be used to help keep students' well-being balanced in times of stress or transition.

Live Life Well - Lafene Health Center Presentation
Learn about the services offered at Lafene Health Center.

Sexual Health Presentation
Presentation for students teaching them about the importance of caring for and maintaining their sexual health. Discusses several topics related to sexual health. Includes an interactive learning opportunity for students to engage in, where they help dispel myths related to sexually transmitted infections.

TELUS Health Student Support Presentation
Download the FREE student app designed to support your health and well-being at K-State. A guided tour through all of the health and well-being resources on the app, as well as how to access the 24/7 chat support or scheduled tele-health therapy--all with trained counselors.

Lafene Health Center Health Kits
Request health kits for your group that include a card that lists the services offered at Lafene Health Center and Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), a business card about TELUS Health Student Support, and a thermometer from Lafene Health Center.