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April 29, 2024

Weekly global religious, spiritual and nonreligious observance information

Submitted by David Yetter

The President's Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Nonreligious Diversity presents the global observance information for April 29 to May 5. 

Beltane — Tuesday, April 30. Tradition: Wicca/Paganism. The final fertility festival, celebrating the Earth's fecundity and anticipating the power of the sun and the Earth in summer.

Ghambar Maidyozarem — Tuesday, April 30, through Saturday, May 4, Tradition: Zoroastrianism. Celebrates the creation of the sky and harvesting of the winter crop.

Great Lent — March 18-May 4. Tradition: Christianity-Orthodox. In Orthodox churches, the Great Fast is a period of ascetic discipline, prayer and repentance in preparation for Holy Week and Easter, or Pascha. 

Great and Holy Thursday — Thursday, May 2. Tradition: Christianity-Orthodox. Commemorates the institution of the Lord's Supper/the Eucharist by Jesus prior to his arrest and execution.

Great and Holy Friday — Friday, May 3, Tradition: Christianity-Orthodox. The day that commemorates the Passion of Jesus Christ, i.e., his death by crucifixion. It is the Orthodox equivalent of "Good Friday."

Pascha, or Easter, Sunday, May 5. Tradition: Christianity-Orthodox. Celebrates the resurrection from death of Jesus Christ. It is the oldest and most important festival in the Christian year and initiates the 50-day period culminating in Pentecost.

Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day — Sunday, May 5. Tradition: Judaism. Memorializes the six million Jews who died as victims of the Nazis during World War II and emphasizes respect for human dignity. Its observance is not limited to Jews. Begins at sundown.

The President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Nonreligious Diversity welcomes those of all global religious, spiritual and nonreligious commitments. Further, we welcome any suggestions, questions or other comments. Please contact the committee's chair, David Yetter, at dyetter@k-state.edu