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April 22, 2019

Invitation to join support group for trauma healing

Submitted by Claudia Tedoni and Rebecca Cherry

EMDR Positive Resourcing Group Flyer

The K-State Family Center at 139 Campus Creek Road is starting a support group for individuals looking to focus on their healing from trauma.

This group is unique in that it is incorporating EMDR positive resourcing techniques. Every week the support group will install a positive resource through EMDR to support trauma healing as well as focus on strengthening coping skills and mindfulness. Some psychoeducation on trauma also will be provided. The group will not be processing any individual trauma so it is appropriate for anyone to join as its goal is simply to provide a safe place for students/people in the community to build on internal resources. If group members would like to process their trauma in individual therapy, they are encouraged and welcome to see an individual therapist at the Family Center as well.

Those interested are free to join in at any time. The group will start meeting on Tuesday, April 23, and will continue to meet weekly on Tuesdays until Aug. 20. The meetings will be from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Family Center, 139 Campus Creek Road in Manhattan. Cost is $6 per meeting. Pricing is flexible for individuals with financial concerns.

Those interested are encouraged to contact Claudia Tedoni at tedoni@k-state.edu or Rebecca Cherry at rebeccacherry@k-state.edu