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February 4, 2019

Two K-Staters named recipients of Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation presidential awards for diversity

Submitted by Mirta Chavez

Two K-Staters have been named recipients of Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation presidential awards for promoting diversity at Kansas State University.

Tanya González, a faculty member in the English department and affiliate faculty in the American ethnic studies and the gender, women, and sexuality studies departments, is the awardee for the Presidential Faculty/Staff Award for Distinguished Services to Historically Under-Represented Minority Students. The award was established in 1978 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the development of quality education for students of color at Kansas State University.

During her career at the university, González has had a significant influence on the retention of underrepresented students at K-State. She was hired as a faculty member but has far exceeded her role, as her teachings go far beyond the classroom. She presents at various campuswide diversity events such as the Encuentro during Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the inaugural KSUnite event that captured universitywide attendance.

González has made outstanding contributions to educational program development and unique research. According to her nomination letter, González brings "humanity to what otherwise seems like an inflexible system" by meeting one on one with students and learning their stories.

Adam R. Carr is the recipient of the Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Presidential Student Award for Distinguished Services in Enhancing Multiculturalism at Kansas State University. The award was established in spring 1997 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to diversity enhancement within the student sector.

Carr is a senior in human resources management in the College of Business Administration with minors in leadership and queer studies. Carr currently serves as the special projects assistant for the LGBT resource center and the library student help specialist for Hale Library. Carr has served in many leadership roles at K-State, through many diversity and inclusion committees, as well having been the president and vice president of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance and the Little Apple Pride Liaison chair. He is also an ambassador to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Carr was also a featured student speaker at KSUnite. He spoke about his support for a multicultural student center and efforts to increase retention of underrepresented students who are seeking higher education. His involvement in promoting diversity at the university spans many areas.

According to his nomination letter, Carr uses his voice as a platform to be inclusive of others who may not otherwise be represented in matters of making change on K-State's campus. Carr "helps others appreciate their privileges, acknowledge their cultural encapsulation, and learn about communities they are unfamiliar with, while never ignoring the ways the intersections of identities create unique experiences for all of us."

Carr's goal is to focus his efforts to go beyond buzzwords to create active change and increase mental health resources for those who are less represented on campus.