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Shared accounts

A shared account allows several K-Staters, such as a college or department staff, to share a single K-State Zimbra account, which includes email, calendar, contacts, document, and more. Shared accounts replaced group accounts in spring 2012. Advantages of shared accounts include:

  • No password to remember, change, and distribute to every group member. Users sign in with their own eID and password.
  • Only those who have been designated by the account owner can access the account.
  • The shared account's email inbox and calendar is added to each member's K-State Zimbra account. Think of it as an account within an account.
  • Usage information about shared accounts is identifiable and traceable, meaning email administrators would be able to see that a particular eID was used to send messages via the shared account.

Note: Shared accounts will not be able to access other K-State resources such as K-State Online or K-State Survey. However, you will not lose your surveys that were previously created using the group account. See Convert to a shared account from a group eID. If you need a shared account to access other resources, please contact the Help Desk at for more information.

Get a shared account

To get a shared account, faculty and staff (non-student employees) must submit the Shared Account Request Form (eID sign in required).

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