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K-State collaboration moves to Zimbra.

K-State will be migrating to Microsoft Office 365 during the fall semester. The new collaboration service will integrate email, calendaring, notes, and tasks management. Details, project updates, help and support can be found on the K-State Office 365 website:

The timeline to migrate is as follows:

  • August 22: Transition active students to Office 365.
    Transition students who were enrolled by August 7. Students who forward email, students who are not enrolled by August 7, student employees, and GAs, GRAs, and GTAs will migrate at a later date

  • August 23: Migration begins for students who did not migrate on August 22 and will continue over the next several weeks.

  • Mid-fall semester: Transition everyone else
    Faculty and staff, student employees, and GAs, GRAs, and GTAs will move to Office 365 later this fall.

K-State Zimbra Collaborate. Share.

The K-State Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an integration of e-mail and calendaring that allows for easy collaboration with the sharing of e-mail inboxes, folders, address books, calendars, contacts, documents, briefcases, and tasks.

This service is provided free for K-State students, faculty, and staff but requires a K-State eID and password to access it.

Although you can use other clients and mobile devices to read your e-mail or to view your calendar, we suggest you use the webmail or desktop clients in order to enjoy all the available K-State Zimbra features.