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KSRE Image Library

This image library contains a collection of digital photos and logos that represent K-State Research and Extension. They are only for official KSRE use only. We encourage you to browse through the general categories. For the KSRE wordmark, see our branding and usage guidelines website.

K-State Research and Extension Image Library

Search Tip: To find specific images, use the list of key words below to help narrow your search.

Downloading Images

  1. Under Browse by Category, choose a category. Images will be shown as thumbnail images.
  2. To view a larger image, click the thumbnail or click more>.
  3. Click Download or Save.

    Note: Clicking Save will allow you to collect and download multiple images into one Zip file.

  4. Browse to the saving location (don't forget where!) and save.

20 minute overview of the K-State Research and Extension Image Library

Categories and Key Word Search Terms

4H Clover

4-H Youth Development
Animal sciences, community, events, family living, natural resources, plant and mechanical sciences

About us

About us
AES, CES, College of Ag, diversity, historic, K-State, KSRE, laboratory, logos

Beef cattle, dairy cattle, disease, exotic, feed, goats, horse, livestock, pet, poultry, rabbits, sheep, swine, wildlife

Business, development, economics, Fort Riley, Kansas City, Manhattan, Pride, Topeka

Alfalfa, biotechnology, canola, corn, cotton, disease, forages, hay, injury, pasture, pests, produce, production, safflower, sorghum or milo, soybeans, sunflower, turf grass and ornaments, weeds, wheat
Environment and energy

Environment and Energy
Biofuels, soils, solar power, water, weather, wind power

Equipment and structures

Equipment and Structures
Bands, bridges, buildings, combines, farms, fencing, grain elevators, household,
irrigation, milling, technology, tractors


Camp, conferences, fairs, farmer's market, field days, shows, tours

Commercial processing, dairy, fruits, grains, meats, nutrition, preparation, preservation, safety, vegetables

Deciduous, evergreen, harvesting, management, planting, windbreaks

Health and safety

Health and Safety
Accident prevention, aging, biosecurity, community, disasters, disease, farm, food, food safety,
foodborne illness, home, mental health, nutrition


Beneficial, crop pests, horticultural, household pests, human pests, livestock pests, spiders

Lawn and garden

Lawn and Garden
Care, disease, flowers, fruits and vegetables, landscapes, ornamentals, pests, turf, weeds


Babies, faculty/staff, family, older adults, parents, students, teenagers, young adults, youth


Agriculture scene, historic, K-State, Kansas, Konza Prairie, recreation, sunsets, water

Logos and graphics

Logos and Graphics
4-H, B&W, clipart, College of Ag, FCS, logo, maps, Master Gardener, screensavers