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Kansas State University

IT Help Desk
Kansas State University
214 Hale Library
Manhattan, KS 66506
800-865-6143 (toll-free)
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Self-Service allows users to submit and monitor an online request for an IT-related issue or service.

Submitting an Incident

  1. Go to
  2. Under Self-Service, click Create New Incident.
    Self-Service Screen
  3. In the Short description box, type a short description of the nature of your issue.

    Note: A short description should be similar to a subject line. This allows the service desk to quickly categorize your issue.

  4. In the Please describe your issue below box, type a detailed description of your issue.

Reviewing Incidents

  1. Under Self-Service, click Incidents.
    Incidents Link
  2. Click the Incident Number you want to review.
    Incident Number
  3. Review the incident for new information as needed.