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Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to remotely access campus resources in a secure manner over the internet. It provides a secure tunnel between your computer and the VPN on campus by using encryption and authentication. This is particularly helpful when connecting to the internet using unsecured networks and public WiFi locations like airports, hotels, or coffee shops.

Using the VPN, any K-State student or employee with a valid eID can:

  • Access the university's network resources in a secure manner over a public network (Internet).
  • Access all campus resources that are restricted with K-State's IP address range (129.130.x.x).

Why should I use the VPN?

By connecting to K-State's VPN, you assure that the data you transmit or receive will be secure between your computer and K-State. It also allows access to resources that are restricted based on the K-State source IP addresses (10.130.x.x and 129.130.x.x) as well as services that are restricted, such as Samba.

Notes: While your password is encrypted using SSL, traffic between the VPN and the computer you are communicating with will not be encrypted unless you are using SSL-enabled applications. Use SSH for end-to-end encryption.

The VPN provides security by encrypting and decrypting data that passes through the VPN. It does not protect from viruses or other malware.

Getting VPN software

In order to get the VPN software you must be a K-State student or employee with an active K-State eID and have an internet connection. Download and follow the installation instructions for your operating system:

Try the new Global Protect VPN! - https://gpvpn.ksu.edu

Requesting a VPN group

Departmental VPN group

A VPN group can be set up for a department to give users an address from a smaller predefined pool, which allows tighter firewall rules to be applied to a specific resource. These groups can be used from both on and off campus, allowing firewalls to be configured for only one IP range. This will help to eliminate the need for static IP addresses and will allow for greater flexibility, such as being able to access resources from wireless networks with dynamic addresses. Request a VPN group.

3rd-party vendor VPN profile

A dedicated VPN group for 3rd-party vendors is available that allows connection to systems only accessible on-campus due to existing local address space or protection by firewalls. Each individual that needs access to this VPN group should register for an eID. The K-State employee sponsoring their access should then fill out the special access eID form and the Edit VPN group membership form.