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Information Technology Services

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Recover, Restore, Rebuild... Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is focused on providing services for students, faculty and staff, and rethinking our way forward. The fire on the roof of Hale, damaged the K-State IT infrastructure, totaled the iTAC area and displaced about 100 ITS students and full time employees, and energized us to rethink the way we do business.

Thank you to our campus partners for their outpouring of support. Join us as we plan and build the next generation enterprise infrastructure and user services. Together we can build something truly amazing.

ITS projects

ITS projects for Fall semester include creating the IT Strategic Plan, drafting the enterprise infrastructure 2.0, prioritizing our next group of projects, and the following:

Data Center Operations

  • Work to restore backup services at redundant sites
  • Replicate identity management in the cloud
  • Migration to the converged infrastructure
  • Provide process and documentation to move from Catfiles to OneDrive where appropriate

Service Evaluations

Improve and update services has always been important at ITS. We are revising the processes we use to evaluate and deliver services to the K-State community. This may result in changes to existing services, elimination of some services, and the addition of new services.

Service Operation

  • In conjunction with K-State Libraries identify and establish service points for students, faculty and staff to study, research, receive library and IT assistance, print, create multimedia and more  Completed
  • Identify, configure and set up locations for free printing  Completed
  • Complete more than 20 general use technology classroom and departmental room tasks and projects  Completed


  • Work with staff on relocation efforts  Completed
  • Ensure that staff have the tools and resources to complete their work  Completed
  • Complete necessary paperwork

Service Locations

IT Help Desk
K-State Student Union
Cat's Pause Lounge

Media Center
Seaton Hall, room 1

Equipment Checkout
K-State Student Union
Cat's Pause Lounge

Client Services & Desktop Support
K-State Student Union
Cat's Pause Lounge

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