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ImageNow is an electronic content management solution, managing the entire lifecycle of documents. ImageNow allows you to scan, share, store, and manage electronic records.

ImageNow converts paper documents to digital records and stores them securely in a central location. Once the documents have been captured into ImageNow, the documents are assigned indexing keys so they can be easily searched and retrieved. These digital records can be routed through the ImageNow workflow for easier processing, making this process more streamlined and efficient.

With ImageNow you can:

  • Capture paper forms, faxes, emails, etc. allowing for easier access to documents
  • Capture notes, approvals, etc. that are stored within the document
  • Streamlines processes and reduces the time needed to transfer documents between K-State departments
  • Reduces required physical storage space
  • Enhance document security

K-State uses ImageNow for:

  • Student Records: Admissions, Student Finance, Registrar's Office, Student Housing, etc.
  • Employee Records: Benefits, Payroll, College/Admin level HR
  • Research/Grant documents
  • Financial documents

During May 2020, K-State partnered Hyland Software to perform an ImageNow application upgrade, database upgrade, and data migration. To learn more about the upgrade process, view the ImageNow blog.

If you experience a problem with ImageNow, submit an ImageNow form to report an issue or get ImageNow help.