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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)


The CRM initiative is part of the  
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan. The new CRM system will foster collaboration to enhance recruitment, enrollment, and student success.

K-State is currently using Target X/Salesforce as the primary tool for recruitment and communications with prospective students. To request access and training to Target X/Salesforce, you must complete and submit the SF CRM Access Form.

Slate is replacing our current system, Target X/Salesforce, which will be gradually phased out as additional functionality within Slate is implemented.

As a system designed exclusively for higher education, Slate will be used to cultivate, track, and respond to prospect interest; deliver admissions decisions; enable students to complete enrollment requirements; and manage admissions events.

Key Benefits of Slate

  • Slate is a leader in the higher education market; designed and developed exclusively for higher education admissions and used by more than 1,600 colleges and universities around the world.
  • Slate is a comprehensive, completely integrated solution for all aspects of the university admissions process with an all-inclusive feature set. It offers the ability to quickly adapt to market changes as needed. Facilitate undergraduate and graduate admissions and recruitment communications.
  • Slate provides a seamless and smooth experience for students throughout the admissions funnel.


  • Automated, data driven communications including print, email, and text messages* (charges apply).
  • Dynamic Marketing automations.
  • Streamlined application and review process.
  • Manage and view all interactions with students in a timeline format.
  • Track and facilitate recruitment travel.
  • Custom-built webpages based on personalized Slate data
  • Robust event management and registration.
  • Real-time reporting functionality.