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K-State website registration form

K-State departments, support units, other official entity websites will be set up using K-State's content management system (CMS), a tool that authors can easily use to create and modify websites in accordance with university branding efforts. Student organizations have the option to use the content management system or develop their own website. To request a website or link, please submit this form. You can also learn more about the CMS.

Cost: $0

Approximate processing time: 3 business days

Who can submit this form: Unit's chief administrator or Advisor of the registered student organization

Applicant information

*Your name: *Your phone number:
*Your K-State eID:    *Your eID password:
Why do you ask? K-State ITS uses your eID and and eID password to confirm you are the actual person submitting this request. This is a secure and encrypted page. Your eID password will not be stored or seen by ITS staff.
    Department head

*Type of request (please select one)

    A website on K-State's central website. Our requested web address is (must be 15 characters or less):
    A link from K-State's central website to our current page at:

Contact information

*Official name of unit/organization:
*Type of unit/organization:
    K-State registered student organization
    K-State college, academic department, or other academic unit
    K-State administrative unit
    K-State service/support unit
    K-State research unit
    KSU-affiliated agency
    Official K-State committee (listed in the University Committee Handbook)
    National/state organization with assigned KSU office space
*This unit/organization reports to:
*Campus address (room/building):
*Phone: Fax:
Unit/Organization email address (no personal K-State eID's allowed):
(If your unit/organization does not have a K-State email address, you can request one by submitting a request for a distribution list.)

People authorized to maintain the website

Do not complete this section if you chose that you only need a link from K-State's central website to your website.

The website coordinator must be a full-time K-State faculty/staff member, who will serve as the primary web contact and will specify people authorized to make changes to the website.
Job title:
K-State eID:
Campus phone:
Other people authorized to update your website:

Name: K-State eID:
Name: K-State eID:
Name: K-State eID:

Terms of agreement

As an information provider for K-State's website, I agree to accept the responsibilities outlined in the Internet and World Wide Web Page Policy and to conform to the standards therein. I understand our contact information may be included in the K-State Offices/Organization Directory and other menus on K-State's website.

    *I agree to K-State's terms