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File restoration form for central email and folders

K-State ITS can typically restore UNIX-type files such as Unix home directories, project spaces and webpages. K-State Zimbra data (email, calendar, contacts, tasks, briefcase documents) is stored for 30 days. For most other files, ITS performs tape backups every night and keeps your data for 90 days.

We will not be able to restore your files if:

  • K-State Zimbra data was lost more than 30 days ago
  • The file was lost more than 90 days ago
  • The file was created and then lost before the nightly backup

If you need files restored that exist on a local LAN directory such as a W, X, or Y drive please submit a LAN technologies file restoration form.

K-State Zimbra restore requests

With the Nov. 20, 2011 upgrade, you can now restore individual emails, contacts, calendar events, and briefcase documents yourself. Sign into webmail, right-click on the Trash, select Recover Deleted Items and choose which messages you want to restore.

To restore you entire K-State Zimbra account please submit this form. Your restored your account will be placed into a new folder called "ZCS-restored". You will then have 14 days to move items from that folder into your other K-State Zimbra folders. At the end of the 14 days, the "ZCS-restored" folder will be removed.

Cost: $0

Approximate processing time: 3 business days

Who can submit this form: All K-Staters

Applicant information

Your name: Your phone number:
Your K-State eID:           Your eID password:
Why do you ask? K-State ITS uses your eID and and eID password to confirm you are the actual person submitting this request. This is a secure and encrypted page. Your eID password will not be stored or seen by ITS staff.

File information

Type of file(s) to be restored:
    K-State Zimbra account
    UNIX home directory - path or filename:
    UNIX project space - path or filename:
    Web page - path or filename:
Last date files were known to be correct:
Description of what is lost:

File instructions

Restored files should: (Not applicable for K-State Zimbra files)

    Overwrite existing files
    Be restored to a new location