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LAN technologies file restoration form

K-State ITS can typically restore files stored on the central Windows cluster which include local departmental drives such as W, X, and Y drives. Please first contact your department's network support team to inquire about restoring your data before submitting this form.

If you need to restore UNIX-type files such as K-State email, Unix home directories, project spaces and webpages please complete the File restoration form for central email and folders.

Cost: $0

Approximate processing time: 1 business day

Who can submit this form: Faculty and staff (non-student employees)

Applicant information

Your name: Your phone number:
Your K-State eID:           Your eID password:
Why do you ask? K-State ITS uses your eID and and eID password to confirm you are the actual person submitting this request. This is a secure and encrypted page. Your eID password will not be stored or seen by ITS staff.

LAN file information

File name or folder to restore: (For example, w:\folder\file.doc)
Date last modified:
Date to restore from:
Description of what is lost:

File instructions

Restored files should:

    Overwrite existing files
    Be restored to a new location