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E-note university memo form

An e-note university memo is a one-time email sent to a selected audience. E-notes may only be sent by K-State colleges, departments, and other academic or administrative units. If you need to email the selected audience more than once per a year it may be more cost effective to have a K-State internal mailing list.

Purchasing approval must be given before the e-note is sent. Upon approval, the email addresses of the intended recipients will be generated from K-State's central database and the e-note will be sent.

Cost: $35 plus $0.02/intended recipient (fee will be waived for academic projects)

Approximate processing time: 3 business days

Who can submit this form: K-State faculty and staff (non-student employees). Advisors must submit requests for student groups.

Applicant information

Your name: Your phone number:
Your K-State eID:           Your eID password:
Why do you ask? K-State ITS uses your eID and and eID password to confirm you are the actual person submitting this request. This is a secure and encrypted page. Your eID password will not be stored or seen by ITS staff.

Invoice details

Address (line 1):
Address (line 2):
Contact name:
Phone number:
PO number (if required):

E-note information

Name of K-State unit/group requesting the e-note:
Requested delivery date:
Intended audience: (Please be as descriptive as possible. For example, freshmen, women, over age 25.)
From address:  
Reply-to address:  
Note to be sent: