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Enrollment-based mailing list form

K-State ITS can create one or many mailing lists containing your current student rosters. Enrollment-based mailing are often requested because:

  • Instructors can set options to allow class discussion (students can send messages to the list) or use it as an announcement only list (only specific people can send messages to the list).
  • You can add other people to the list such as teaching assistants, guest speakers, etc., so students can interact with them as well.

Lists will be created within 3 business days of receiving this request or when the Registrar's Office releases class data. Your mailing list will be automatically updated nightly as students add or drop your class according to the Registrar's Office. After your list is created, you can easily manage its options, properties and members. For security and FERPA purposes, only you can review the full membership including names and eIDs. Enrollment-based mailing lists are deleted at the end of the semester, along with the removal of the accumulated monthly log files (notebooks).

See the LISTSERV Mailing Lists at K-State for more information about mailing lists.

If you don't need the options available with an enrollment-based mailing list, for example you only want to email your students occasionally, then you may want to try the "Email Students" function of K-State Online.

Cost: $0

Approximate processing time: 3 business days or when class data is released

Who can submit this form: Instructor of record

Applicant information

Your name: Your phone number:
Your K-State eID:           Your eID password:
Why do you ask? K-State ITS uses your eID and and eID password to confirm you are the actual person submitting this request. This is a secure and encrypted page. Your eID password will not be stored or seen by ITS staff.

Class list information

List name (3-20 characters):
This is the email address that you will use to send messages to your list.
Class numbers (and optional topics, used to contact students in individual sections)
of the sections that will use this list:

Class # Class # Class #
Class # Class # Class #
Class # Class # Class #
Class # Class # Class #

Authorized list owners

Who will be the list owner(s) for this list? Check the name(s) of the people who will be responsible to maintain the list.

Name: Email address:
Name: Email address:
Name: Email address: