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Telephone accessories


Mirage headsetH41$57.75over-the-ear style; earpiece rests outside the earImage of Mirage headset
Supra headset (monaural)HW251N$73.56over-the-head styleImage of Supra headset
Supra Plus headset (binaural) wide bandHW261$66.99over-the-head styleImage of Supra Plus headset
Supra cordless wireless DECT headset systemCS540$189.00wireless headset systemImage of Supra cordless wireless DECT headset
Things to consider when selecting office headsets:
  • Choose a headset style - Over-the-head/headband, over-the-ear/eyeglass, or convertible. If headband style, decide on monaural or binaural; monaural are most popular. In-the-ear style is less available in an office headset.
  • Is a disconnecting headset cable needed?
  • Consider earpiece features - Adjustability, style, materials, replacement cushions, etc.
  • Eartip or earbud style - Are multiple sizes and materials available? Can you position in all directions?
  • Microphone features - Adjustability, noise-canceling or not, replacement supplies (cushions, voice tubes, etc.) and cost, style (flexible, fixed, etc.)
  • Purchase/lease price
  • Cost of supplies - Ear cushions/eartips, voice tubes, batteries, chargeable vs throwaway, cleaning products free of alcohol, etc.
  • Durability
  • Compatibility with phone system - multi-line vs. single, analog vs. digital. Although some equipment adapts easily to a variety of phones, K-State Telecommunications stocks equipment that will work with campus phones and can assist with special orders.
  • Speaker sound quality - In-the-ear or over-the-ear w/ eartip styles are better at delivering sound to the ear. Tone setting for bass/treble on earpiece is a specialty item.Some headsets claim to have better sound quality technology.
  • Comfort - Are all parts adjustable? Consider weight of headset. Headband style may be a bit heavier than eyeglass style headsets.

Telephone Amplifiers

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