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Division of Information Technology

User Experience Research
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Avenue
Suite 146 
Manhattan, KS 66502


User Experience Research Studies

Our studies allow us to get feedback directly from our users

User experience research allows us to gain feedback from users like you, so that we can create better online experiences for everyone.  During a usability study we may ask for your feedback on a current website or tool, something brand new, or even just a sketch or prototype of an idea.  Study sessions can happen in our offices, your office or home, or online.  We'll use your experiences to gain insight into how we can make our websites and online tools better.

Open to the public

Everyone is invited to sign up.  You don't need to be affiliated with K-State in any way to participate.  You don't even have to be tech savvy.

Get Invited

When you sign up to participate, we will use the information you provide to search for candidates that fit the studies we are conducting.  We will contact you only to invite you to participate in a study, or if we need to clarify information to ensure proper fit in upcoming studies.

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Sign up now!
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