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Microsoft Power BI and Power BI Pro Licenses

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights using reports and dashboards.

Software versions

  • Microsoft Power BI faculty and staff licenses are free to individuals needing limited access to Power BI and are automatically assigned through the Office 365 app launcher or at PowerBI.com
  • Microsoft Power BI student licenses are free to students needing limited access to Power BI. Licenses must be requested by their department through ServiceNow.
  • Microsoft Power BI Pro licenses are available to lease through ServiceNow for faculty, staff, and students who need access to advanced capabilities of Power BI.

Licensing fees

The license year begins January 1 and runs through December 31. Costs for purchases made during the year are pro-rated through December 31.

Microsoft Power BI (Faculty, staff, and students)Free
Microsoft Power BI Pro (Faculty and staff)$25/year
Microsoft Power BI Pro (Students)$13/year

Upon completion of the license request for Power BI Pro, an invoice will be sent to the requesting department. Prior to provisioning the license request, payment must be made to Information Technology Services via interfund voucher (IFV) or KSU Foundation check for faculty, staff, and student licenses. Students may lease Power BI Pro with departmental approval and payment directly through their department business office. ITS is unable to accept personal payment for these licenses. Within seven days of receipt of payment, Power BI will appear in your Office 365 apps or be accessible via PowerBI.com.

Request a license

Annual renewal

The K-State license is renewed annually January 1. ITS will send current Power BI Pro licensees a renewal invoice in early December. License privileges are automatically revoked for unpaid renewal licenses.

Reassigning named licenses

Using the Request a License link above, Power BI Pro named licenses can be reassigned to a different named user through the remainder of the contract year. Select the Change Named User option in the License Type menu. 

Removing Power BI users

Using the Request a License link above, complete the Power BI License Request form by selecting the Remove Named User option in the License Type menu. This license will remain available for reassignment through the end of the current contract year. No refunds are granted for the remainder of the contract year.