Media Editing and Consultation

Media Editing

Electronic Media Services can edit your original media content into a polished, effective audio/video product, incorporating titling, sequence editing, audio mixing, graphic insertion, and conversion from one type of media to another where appropriate. Outside professional products and services such as music, voiceovers, stock footage, transcription, captioning, and translation can be integrated at an additional cost.

Media Consultation

Educational media professionals in Electronic Media Services can guide you through the production project process – conceptualization, budgeting, script-writing, location scouting, casting, scheduling, creating a shot list, and other tasks that help make your project a success. An initial exploratory meeting and project consultation is typically provided at no charge.

How to Get Started

To arrange for media editing or consultation services, please submit a produced video request form or contact Robert Nelson at 785-532-3141 for more information. Estimates are available upon request.

Please see the Electronic Media Services Rate Card (PDF) for a full explanation of services, additional fees and terms.