K-State eID and Password

All K-State employees, students, and those needing access to university computing systems are required to have an eID. Your eID is your K-State user name and becomes part of your K-State email. It is used to enroll in classes, access Canvas, view online paychecks, and much more.

With your eID, you can also manage your eProfile to change your password, turn email forwarding on and more.

Your eID's security is your responsibility. Keep your eID password private. K-State policy prohibits using someone else's eID or sharing passwords. Your eID password does not expire. You do not need to change your password unless the password becomes compromised.

eID Password Standards

Your eID password must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 15 to a maximum of 100 characters in length
  • Must be significantly different from previous passwords
  • May contain spaces but cannot start or end with a space
  • Cannot be a single dictionary word
  • Cannot be repetitive or sequential (e.g. ‘aaaaaaaaa,’’12345abcd’) 
  • Cannot be your name, username, K-State term, or name of a service
  • Cannot use a previously compromised password

Having trouble coming up with 15 characters?

Consider a sentence or phrase that is meaningful to you such as, "Maryhadalittlelamb?" or "I love cheese pizza".

Have or had an eID

Click the links below if you currently have an eID or have ever had an eID.

Never had an eID

If you have ever had a K-State eID or computing ID, you should not register for another one. Please see the options in the Have or had an eID section. Need help registering?


Register for an eID