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IT Forms

Forms by NameDescription/InformationAudience
Active Directory accessData access and removal for Active Directory (CatFiles)Faculty and staff
Distribution list requestRequest a basic mailing list, typically used for group communicationFaculty and staff
eID authentication requestRequest eID authentication for web applicationsFaculty and staff
eID with extended access
(general use/incomplete student)
Affiliated individual who needs access to specific IT resources to complete work.Personnel officer or instructor
File restoration requestRestore K-State email, Unix home directories, project spaces and webpages.All K-Staters
KSIS access for staffGet access to KSISStaff
LISTSERV mailing list requestEmail list which members can subscribe to and can send group messages.Faculty and staff
Office 365 calendar resource requestRequest a resource be added to Office 365 for scheduling.Faculty and staff
Office 365 calendar room requestRequest a room be added to Office 365 for scheduling.Faculty and staff
Official K-State website requestRequest web space on central server (www.k-state.edu) for an official K-State department, support unit, affiliated organization, or registered student organization.K-State depts, support units or registered student organizations
Qualtrics access for studentsAll faculty and staff automatically have access to Qualtrics. Faculty, advisors and supervisors use this form to request student access to Qualtrics.Faculty and staff
Qualtrics survey population requestRequest list of respondents for your survey. Fee based.Faculty and staff
Shared account requestAllows several K-Staters to share an Office 365 account (email, calendar, contacts, etc).Faculty and staff