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K-State eID and Password

All K-State employees, students, and those needing access to university computing systems are required to have an eID. Your eID is your K-State user name and becomes part of your K-State email, is used to enroll in classes, access Canvas, view online paychecks, and much more.

With your eID, you can also manage your eProfile to change your password, turn email forwarding on, sign up for K-State Alerts emergency messages and phone calls, and more.

Your eID's security is your responsibility. Keep your eID password private. K-State policy prohibits using someone else's eID or sharing passwords. Your eID password does not expire. You do not need to change your password unless the password becomes compromised.

eID Password Standards

Your eID password must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 15 to a maximum of 100 characters in length
  • Must be significantly different from previous passwords
  • May contain spaces but cannot start or end with a space
  • Cannot be a single dictionary word
  • Cannot be repetitive or sequential (e.g. ‘aaaaaaaaa,’’12345abcd’) 
  • Cannot be your name, username, K-State term, or name of a service
  • Cannot use a previously compromised password
Having trouble coming up with 15 characters?

Consider a sentence or phrase that is meaningful to you such as, "Maryhadalittlelamb?" or "I love cheese pizza".

Have or had an eID

Click the links below if you currently have an eID or have ever had an eID.

Change my eID

To change your eID, you will need to submit the eID change form available at the IT Help Desk. See Register for an eID for more information.

Change my eID password

Go to eProfile to change your password. You can reset your password once per day. See Change your eID password for more information

Reactivate my old eID

If you are again affiliated with K-State through employment or student status, you should reactivate your old eID by contacting the IT Help Desk and changing your old eID password. You should not register for a new eID.

Request special access for incomplete students

Incomplete students who need continued access to a Canvas course or other K-State technology resources must have their instructor submit a Special Access form.

Get a shared account (formerly group eID)

A shared account allows several K-Staters to share a K-State email account, including calendar, contacts, and more. It was previously known as a group eID. A shared account is useful when:

  • Departments, units, and organizations need shared access to a single K-State email account.
  • Two or more staff handle email and all of it must be kept in a central mailbox.
  • A department, unit, or organization needs an official email address.

Learn more about shared accounts.

Grant preliminary privileges to new employees (personnel specialists only)

Department personnel specialists may grant employee-level privileges to employees whose information is not yet available in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and need access to K-State email and other university resources. Learn how to grant privileges.

Never had an eID

If you have ever had a K-State eID or computing ID, you should not register for another one. Please see the options in the Have or had an eID section. Need help registering?

Current and future students

All new students are required to register for an eID either when applying to K-State or upon acceptance. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to provide your Wildcat ID (WID), which is located on your admissions letter or email message.

If you attended K-State after Fall 2002, you should already have an eID, and you should not register for another one. Please contact the IT Help Desk to reactivate your old eID and associate it with your new student status at K-State.

New employees

All new K-State employees are required to register for an eID to complete the hiring process. This also includes employees of K-State affiliated departments or agencies such as:

  • County extension offices
  • K-State Alumni Association
  • KSU Foundation
  • Student Publications

As part of the registration process, you will need to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or your Wildcat ID (WID). After you register, make sure to include your new eID on your appointment form.

If you need access to K-State email or other university resources before your employment paperwork is fully processed, contact your department's personnel specialist to be granted preliminary employee privileges.

If you were previously a student or employee at K-State and had an eID, do NOT register for another eID. Contact the IT Help Desk to reactivate your old eID and associate it with your new employment status at K-State.

Visitors, designees, and others

If you have a legitimate need to access university IT resources and are not a K-State employee or student; you are eligible to register for an eID. Upon registration, your eID is reserved for 90 days and has no computing privileges associated with it.

You must have an eID to accept and gain access to your student's financial records through Designated Access. If you do not have an eID, you can register for one upon receiving your student's email invitation.

To access specific university computing systems, register for an eID and then contact your related department personnel specialist and request that they submit a Special Access form. If, after 90 days, no special access has been given, your eID will be disabled.

Register for an eID