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Division of Information Technology

IT Help Desk
Kansas State University
Hale Library
2nd floor
1117 Mid Campus Dr N
Manhattan KS 66506


Equipment Checkout

Please note: Due to COVID-19, we are offering limited checkout services.

We are still operating out of our temporary space in the Cat's Pause Lounge (Student Union Room 222)...the location we have used since the Hale Library Fire.

Due to safety concerns related to COVID-19, the difficult nature of sanitizing cameras, we are not checking out cameras, camcorders and related equipment at this time. 

We recommend using your smart phone for video and photography during this pandemic. To make this easier, we have cell phone tripods available for checkout. Please let us know if you are interested. 

Laptops, projectors, and related items are available for checkout.

Please email requests you may have regarding equipment checkout to itcheckout@ksu.edu

Follow our progress as we rethink and rebuild our IT infrastructure and user services on the IT Recovery page.  For updates on Hale visit the Hale Library Blog.

For updates on system and services maintenance and outages, visit the IT Status blog.


K-State Student Union
Cat's Pause Lounge
Room 222