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International Student and Scholar Services

Programs & Events 

WEEKLY ISSS EVENTS:                                                          

Adjustment to U.S. Culture
Thursday, February 2nd
5:00 pm @ International Student Center (ISC) – Multipurpose Room (MPR)
Are you excited to be in the U.S. or are you counting the days until you can return to your home country? This
workshop is designed for students, scholars, and dependents in their first year in the U.S. who would like to talk
about adjusting to U.S. culture. Learn about the normal pattern of adjusting to a new culture, hear some tips for
adjusting, and discover resources on campus and in the community. Presented by Sara Thurston, Director of ISSS.

Coffee Hour: Vietnam
Friday, February 3rd
4:00 to 5:00 pm @ International Student Center (ISC) – Multipurpose Room (MPR)
In-person/Zoom hybrid event (see link at https://www.k-state.edu/isss/programs-events/ the week of the event)
Coffee Hour is a forum for international students to showcase their home countries. Grab some coffee and join us
in this live and Zoom program to learn about the geography and culture of another nation. See https://www.kstate.edu/isss/programs-events/coffee-hour.html for more information.

Basic Language Training (BLT)
: Monday, January 23rd - Friday, February 3rd
Classes are in person with some via Zoom, February 13th thru April 13th (8 weeks) with days and times to be
determined (no classes during Spring Break). Languages offered: Basic - French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin,
Persian, Portuguese, and Spanish. BLT is a non-credit course taught by an international student. The student
teaches the basics of his/her language and explores the culture of his/her country. The cost is $40/language
offered. More information can be found at https://www.k-state.edu/isss/programs-events/blt/index.html . 

International Buddies Sign up
Sign up: Tuesday, January 10th - Friday, February 17th                                                                                The International Buddies Program https://www.k-state.edu/buddies/ pairs local K-State students, staff and community members with international students, scholars and family members every fall and spring semesters. Here is an opportunity to improve your English skills…exchange cultures…make new friends, local and around the world…attend fun events around Manhattan…also a valuable volunteer experience. 


**See these and other Spring 2023 programs and event details @ the Schedule of Events icon below. 

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