Multicultural Greek Orgs

Student Belonging and Inclusion provides oversight and advising to 14 multicultural Greek Letter organizations. Collectively, the mission of these organizations is to foster development of the Greek Community through leadership, service, and advocating on behalf of their members.

Explore the Multicultural Greek chapters at the Kansas State University and reach out to learn more about joining!

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Santos Flores ( or Brandon Clark (

Multicultural Greek Councils


National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

K-State Chapter

Chartered: December 4, 1982

Advisor: Brandon Clark


MGC K-State Logo

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

K-State Council

Chartered: Fall 2023

Advisor: Kevin Santos Flores



Historically Black Greek Organizations

Alpha Kappa Alpha Logo

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority│ΑΚΑ

Chapter: Kappa Pi

Chartered: May 1, 1976

President: Gabriella Means

Advisor: Dr. Zelia Wiley

Social Media Page (Link)

Alpha Phi Alpha Logo

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity │ΑΦΑ

Chapter: Kappa Tau

Chartered: April 15, 1976

President: Malik Jenkins

Advisor: Brandon Clark

Social Media Page (Link)

Delta Sigma Theta Logo

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority │∆ΣΘ

Chapter: Eta Gamma

Chartered: January 17, 1970

President: (coming soon)

Social Media Page (Link)

Kappa Alpha Psi Logo

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity│ΚΑΨ

Chapter: Beta Psi

Chartered: March 17, 1947

Contact: Jarrett Pope

Social Media Page (Link)

Omega Psi Phi Logo

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity│ΩΨΦ

Chapter: Delta Delta

Chartered: April 19, 1972

President: (coming soon)

Social Media Page (Link)

Phi Beta Sigma Logo

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity│ΦΒΣ

Chapter: Delta

Chartered: February 11, 1917

President: (coming soon)

Social Media Page (Link)

Sigma Gamma Rho Logo

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority│ΣΓΡ

Chapter: Nu Beta

Chartered: October 3, 1992

President: (coming soon)

Social Media Page (Link)

Zeta Phi Beta Logo

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority│ΖΦΒ

Chapter: Epsilon Mu

Chartered: December 4, 1982

President: Monique Hardy

Social Media Page (Link)

Historically Hispanic Greek Organizations

Kappa Delta Chi Logo

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority│ΚΔΧ

Chapter: Gamma Delta

Chartered: April 28, 2018

President: Jacklyn Hernandez

Social Media Page (Link)

Omega Delta Phi Logo

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity│ΩΔΦ

Chapter: Beta Chi

Chartered: April 22, 2018

President: Manny Aguero

Social Media Page (Link)

Sigma Lambda Beta Logo

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity│ΣΛΒ

Chapter: Phi

Chartered: April 9, 1994

President: Victor Banda

Social Media Page (Link)

Sigma Lamdba Gamma Logo

Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority│ΣΛΓ

Chapter: Iota

Chartered: October 15, 1994

President: Elvia Lopez Morales

Social Media Page (Link)

Historically Asian Greek Organizations

Alpha Phi Gamma logo

Alpha Phi Gamma│ΑΦΓ

Chapter: KSU Charter

Chartered: 2022

President: Mridhula Ganesh

Social Media Page (Link)

Additional Multicultural Greek Organizations

Delta Alpha Sigma Logo

Delta Alpha Sigma Sorority│ΔΑΣ

Chapter: Zeta Colony

Chartered: April 30, 2022

President: Lena Nguyen

Social Media Page (Link)


To learn more information about how to get involved on campus or funding for your organization, please visit the Center for Student Involvement.