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Human Resources

Evaluating University Support Staff Work Performance 

Course Code:  KSF012

Course Name:  Evaluating University Support Staff Work Performance 

Prerequisite:  None

Department:  Human Resources

Length of Session:  20 Minutes (Online)

Audience:  Supervisors of University Support Staff

Session Description:  The Performance Management Process is designed to maintain mutual respect between the supervisor and employee and to add value to their day-to-day communication about performance and development issues.  This training will help supervisors understand the major components of how to effectively conduct an employee performance review.

Session Objectives:  As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Demonstrate the process used to fill out a Performance Review Form
  • Distinguish between types of Reviews
  • Write well-defined tasks objective
  • Apply a basic understanding of competencies in their role as a supervisor
  • Define the performance ratings


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