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Human Resources

Learning and Development

We strive to promote and support employee development and organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality educational training programs. If K-State is to achieve its goal of becoming a Top 50 public research university by 2025, it is imperative that our employees be trained in the most up-to-date methods and practices in their various fields. HR is committed to enhancing university operations to support the university's core missions of teaching, research, service and outreach. We take our land-grant status seriously. 

Learning and Development supports this mission by offering learning opportunities which:

  • Assist K-State employees' development of interpersonal, managerial and supervisory skills.
  • Provide education and awareness regarding university policies and legal mandates.
  • Respond to evolving professional development needs.
  • Improve employees' job satisfaction and work performance.
  • Foster a culture of diversity, teamwork and leadership.
  • Serve as a common resource for employee development. 

Learning and Development offers a variety of courses on many beneficial topics, most at no charge. Additionally, the university offers access to online and live seminars, computer-based learning, certificate programs, and much more. We're happy to answer any questions to allow you or your employees to get started down a path of continuous education.