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Human Resources

Microsoft Excel

Course Code:  WIT110

Course Name:  Microsoft Excel

Prerequisite:  None

Department:  Division of Information Technology

Length of Session:  2 Hours

Audience:  All Employees

Session Description:  An introduction to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program will cover basic spreadsheet data structures, tools for cleaning data, filtering features, simple calculations, and data visualizations.  Additional features may be explored from the following types of contents: pivot tables, Gantt charts, interactive dashboards, and others, depending on interest.

Session Objectives:  By the end of the training, supervisors and managers will be able to:

  • Explain with the graphical user interface of Excel
  • Explore basic spreadsheet data structures
  • Apply basic methods to cleaning data
  • Apply basic formulas to conduct calculations on data in an analytical situation
  • Create simple data visualizations
  • Explore additional functions and content types in Excel 

You may enroll through HRIS Self-Enrollment to receive immediate confirmation (see the Employee Self Service Learning & Development directions for more information). Or e-mail learning-develop-hr@ksu.edu and include your name, department, employee ID number (required), course title and course date. Enrollment will be confirmed by an e-mail response to the sender.

It is the employee's responsibility to obtain the necessary departmental approvals prior to enrolling.

If you are a person who needs a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in any Learning and Development offering, please contact K-State Learning and Development in advance at 2-1920 or at learning-develop-hr@ksu.edu.

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