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Unclassified & Faculty Hearings & Grievances

The Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures are found in Appendix G of the University Handbook.

Grievances may arise out of administrative action or situations for which administrative action could provide a remedy. It is required that a complainant pursue administrative appeal prior to requesting a grievance hearing.   Grievances may arise out of decisions concerning reappointment, tenure, dismissal, promotion, salary, working conditions, or any other matters related to the employment of a faculty or unclassified professional member or other unclassified personnel. Administrative appeals and requests for grievance hearings may be filed by current faculty or unclassified professionals.

The Grievance Chair is appointed by and responsible to the executive committee of the Faculty Senate.  The role of the Grievance Chair is to:

  • receive complaints and review them to determine if criteria for grievances are met;
  • facilitate with the parties the selection of the grievance hearing panel; and
  • assist in organizing and overseeing the administrative processes of the grievance hearing.

An online tutorial is available:

  1. to assist the grievance chair, panel members and presiding officer in performing their responsibilities as outlined in the Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures; and
  2. to inform potential grievants, faculty advocates and ombudspersons of the grievance process.

Persons interested in this topic may also want to review the Dispute Resolution information.

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You may also contact the Grievance Chair.