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Total Rewards at Kansas State University

Kansas State University strives to be a great place to work and is one of the top employers in Kansas. With four campuses, eight colleges, a graduate school and a commitment to student success, diversity, inclusion and community, K-State offers a culture filled with variety and acceptance for all. 

Working at K-State brings many rewards and benefits. Your total rewards package includes market-based compensation, excellent benefit programs, opportunities for personal and professional development, flexible schedules, sports and cultural events, on-site child care and many others.

What is Total Rewards?

Total Rewards is about so much more than base pay. It builds a relationship between K-State and you, ensuring you have the tools, resources and added value you need to be satisfied and successful in your career at K-State. There are six components in the Total Reward Model including benefits, development, recognition, compensation, work life effectiveness and performance. 

Your Total Rewards

To get an idea of what part of your total compensation is worth, sign in to HRIS/Employee Self Service and view your Total Compensation Summary. Below are several examples of your total rewards as an employee of Kansas State University. 

Benefits - include indirect and non-wage health, income protection, and retirement programs

at K-State, this includes insurance programs (health, life, disability, long-term care), workers compensation and State of Kansas retirement programs 


Development - integrated processes to attract, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees

Kansas State University offers many professional development opportunities for its employees including computer-based learning resources, tuition assistance and leadership development retreats and seminars throughout the year


Recognition - reinforcement of employee behavior that supports organization strategy 

at K-State, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and rewarding employees who demonstrate excellence and a commitment to the university mission, vision and priorities. Award programs have been established for faculty, unclassified professionals and staff that emphasize leadership, team building, distinguished accomplishment, belonging and many more


Compensation - fixed and variable pay in return for work

K-State has restructured its compensation strategy to ….

this includes leave programs, ….


Work Life Effectiveness - practices that actively help employees achieve success at both work and home

Kansas State University strives to offer services and resources to ensure its employees are successful both at work and at home. Several resources provided to employees include child care services, 


Performance - the alignment of mission with the work of employees

the alignment of mission with the work of employees


Total Rewards Model Image