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Human Resources (HR) invites all new employees to attend the K-State New Employee Welcome. Whether you attend one of our virtual experiences or our on-campus welcome event, upon completion, you will have the knowledge, tools and resources to be successful in your new role at K-State!

Now offering both in-person and virtual programs, the K-State New Employee Welcome (KSNEW) and K-State New Employee Welcome - Virtual (KSNEW-X) has expanded to provide programming to employees working on-campus or at remote locations. The traditional K-State New Employee Welcome and the KSNEW-X virtual session will each be held once a month with an extra in-person program in August. Dates for programing are provided below.

KSNEW and KSNEW-X Program Dates

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K-State New Employee Welcome: On-Campus Experience (KSNEW)

Designed as a half day experience, this event is the first in a year-long comprehensive program to help acclimate new employees to K-State culture, structure, and resource. In addition, this program will help new employees understand campus initiatives, university history and traditions. This program is offered to new, permanent employees. Please see program details below for more information.

On-Campus Welcome Event Program Details

The On-Campus K-State New Employee Welcome program will occur once a month for half a day with an extra session in August. The schedule will include topics such as benefits, resources, K-State history and traditions and campus resources. The program will be held in the K-State Alumni Association, Banquet Room C [unless otherwise noted]

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2024 KSNEW-X Program Dates

K-State New Employee Welcome: A Virtual Experience (KSNEW-X)

The K-State New Employee Welcome - Virtual (KSNEW-X) is part of a holistic onboarding experience designed to increase knowledge and understanding of K-State and what it means to work for the university. Designed for new employees in their first year of employment, the virtual experience provides an alternative to the traditional in-person experience. The virtual program follows a format similar to the On-Campus experience touching on topics such as history and traditions, current university-wide initiatives, benefits, resources and more.

KSNEW-X is held via Zoom and other media sources to share the K-State way.


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