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Human Resources

Compensation Philosophy

Kansas State University is committed to providing a fair and competitive total rewards program — i.e., base pay, benefits, perquisites, work environment — that will attract, retain and reward a high-performing and diverse employee community at all levels.

Kansas State University is also committed to providing a competitive total rewards package that will lead to the achievement of both individual and, when appropriate, group results as we seek to meet our K-State vision and mission.

It is Kansas State University's policy to pay salaries over time that are market equitable and reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position, as well as the complexity and quality of the work performed, in comparison with other university employees.

It is also the intention of the university to take an incremental approach for achieving a set of dynamic salary ranges that provide competitive pay opportunities comparable with the relevant labor markets.

The compensation program is designed to adhere to values, which are measured by the following:

We value transparency and will provide managers and employees information about job-related content, pay guidelines, and salary ranges.

We value flexibility and will support a diverse organization to accommodate differences and changes in job requirements, job markets, and supply and demand factors, and the economy.

We value compensation programs that are externally competitive and reflect total rewards for comparable jobs within the relevant labor market, which could be local, regional, national, or international.

We value internal comparability and will provide pay guidelines that ensure disciplines and/or programs are paid equitably across the organization.

We value the opportunity for recognition of the workforce for extraordinary performance through flexible and varied recognition programs.

We value the opportunity to honor the workforce for longevity through varied appreciation programs.

We value providing growth opportunities for employees through career enhancements, career paths, and training and development programs.

We value the development of leaders who coach, mentor, and guide employees and others to realize their full potential and contribute as high-performing employees.

We honor institutional knowledge and value the retention of a workforce that continuously learns, grows, and contributes to the vision and mission of K‐State.

We value and will recognize contributions to scholarly research and/or those who devote significant time mentoring others.

We value and will invest in the development of a performance management system that provides processes, systems, structures, tools and leadership development to support the delivery of a fair and competitive total rewards program.

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