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Honor and Integrity System

K-State Honor and Integrity System Forms 

Reporting Form: The reporting form used by faculty and students when an episode of academic dishonesty is alleged.

Contest Form: If the student contests, he/she has 5 class days to submit this official contest form before a Case Review Board is called.  Access to this form is granted to the student after the student has decided to contest and has met (face to face or via phone) with someone from the Honor and Integrity System.

Case Review Board Decision Form:To be completed following a Case Review Board by the Honor Council members.

Guidelines for Witnesses: Guidelines for witnesses who have been asked to appear before an Honor panel hearing.


Irregularities Waiver: A generic copy of a waiver for irregularities at an Honor hearing panel.

Release of InformationA generic copy of a release of information form for parents and other interested parties.