Honor and Integrity System Basics

The Honor and Integrity System operates with the belief that college students are still developing in integrity--the ability to make wise choices in dilemmas. Students who are reported and found in violation are given educational sanctions in hopes of helping those students become better citizens in their professions.

A Family Built on Trust Video

A 15 minute video overview of the Honor and Integrity System

K-State Honor Pledge

A vital component to the Honor and Integrity System is the inclusion of the Honor Pledge which applies to ALL assignments, examinations, or other course work undertaken by undergraduate and graduate students.


The current Honor and Integrity System and its procedures evolved from a task force established by Provost James Coffman in late Fall, 1994. The Provost's Task Force for Academic Honesty's primary mission was to develop draft policies for consideration by the greater academic community at K-State.

Honor Constitution

We, the undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of Kansas State University, in order to conduct our academic endeavors under high standards of individual responsibility, thereby promoting personal honor and integrity, set forth this constitution of the Honor and Integrity System.

Investigation/Adjudication Procedures

Procedures followed by the Honor and Integrity System office and the Honor Council in addressing academic dishonesty.

Student Development Perspective

Since the implementation of the Honor and Integrity System in 1999, Honor and Integrity System staff have emphasized a student development perspective in adjudicating those found in violation of the Honor Pledge.

General Format of Honor Council Hearings

Honor Pledge Violations

Listing of Honor Pledge violations by year since 1999.

Common Terms

Definitions of terms used by the K-State Honor and Integrity System.

Common Forms

Common forms used by the Honor and Integrity System.

Research on Academic Dishonesty

Studies conducted at K-State, about K-State faculty and students.

Honor and Integrity System Annual Reports

The Honor and Integrity System constitution provides for the Director to make annual reports on the status of cases, as well as changes made to the constitution and investigation and adjudication procedures.