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Department of History


NEW: CLICK HERE to view our Spring/Summer 2019 newsletter.


  • Dr. Al Hamscher Memorium, new faculty members, faculty retirements
  • Faculty/staff awards and honors
  • Alumni spotlight
  • Recent publications
  • Kansas Association of Historians annual meeting
  • And so much more!

CLICK HERE to check out our Spring 2018 Newsletter!


  • Dr. Robert Linder's retirement reception (pg. 3) and retirement citation (pg. 7)

Linder Tree planting reception

  • New Graduate Memorial Funds (pg. 2-3)

George and Margo KrenShirley Martin

  • Generous family donates in support of Kansas History and rural outreach (pg. 4)

KS Journal and Chapman Center students

  • Highlights on current faculty achievements and awards, and current publications
    • New books by Drs. Tiemeyer, Graff, Morgan, and Andrew Orr (pg. 5)
    • Dr. David Graff (pg. 5)
    • Dr. Jim Sherow (pg. 6)
  • Highlight on an exceptional History undergraduate (pg. 7)

Nathan Dowell

And much more!

E-newsletter: Historical Archives & Events, a new e-newsletter that lists the most current articles, events, and news to come out of the History Department. You can browse our e-newsletter content HERE.

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