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The Hessian fly research lab 
(USDA-ARS and Department of Entomology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66506)


Key Personnel:

Ming-Shun Chen        Lab director
Xuming Liu                Senior research scientist
Elburn Parker            Senior technician
Ashoka Maddur          Ph.D candidate
Xiang Liu                   Research assistant
Sarah Velasquez        M.S. candidate


Research interest:  Molecular mechanism of host plant resistance and signal transduction pathways in the wheat-Hessian fly interaction.


Specific projects:

  1. Breeding for Hessian fly resistance in collaboration with breeders across the nation. Over 5 thousand breeding lines with different Hessian fly resistance genes were screened in the Hessian fly green house.Elburn Parker is in charge of this project.
  2. Map and clone host resistance genes from wheat and wheat related species. A new resistance gene has been identified and mapped to the short arm of chromosome 1A. Several resistance genes are under mapping and cloning. Xuming Liu is in charge of this project.
  3. Clone and characterize genes coding for secreted proteins in the Hessian fly salivary glands. Determine if specific secreted protein genes are associated with avirulence/virulence phenotypes of different biotypes. Determine the role of specific secreted protein genes in the signal transduction pathways in wheat-Hessian fly interaction. Xiang Liu, Xuming Liu, and Ashoka Maddur involved in this project.
  4. Molecular characterization of protease inhibitors and their roles in Hessian fly virulence. Ashoka Maddur is in charge of this project.
  5. Predicting durability of host resistance and Hessian fly avirulence. Elburn Parker and Xiang Liu are in charge of this project.


Gina Brown-Guedira, John Fellers, Allan Fritz, Scot Hulbert, Yoon-Seong Park, Jerry Reeck, John Reese, Richard Shukle, Jeff Stuart, Jerry Wilde, Christie Williams


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