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Behavioral Ecology

Amphibians of the Konza Prairie

Life history information and range maps from: Collins, J. T., S. L. Collins, and T. W. Taggart, 2010. Amphibians, Reptiles and Turtles in Kansas, 3rd Edition, revised. University of Kansas, Eagle Mountain publishing, Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Click below for more information - colored counties of range map are those in which the species has been reported.

Photos for some species will be added as available.

Family Scaphiopodidae - spadefoot toads

spadefootPlains Spadefoot

Family Bufonidae - "true" toads

woodhousesWoodhouse's toad

Family Hylidae - treefrogs

chorusBoreal chorus frog
cricketBlanchard's cricket frog
treeCope's gray treefrog

Family Ranidae - aquatic frogs

leopardPlains leopard frog

Family Microhylida - microhylid frogs

narrowmouthPlains narrowmouth toad

Family Ambystomatidae - mole salamaders

tigerBarred tiger salamander