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Human Capital Services
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Compensation Guidelines

Working titles

Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness reviews working, or business, titles to ensure they reasonably reflect the job duties, responsibilities and level of the position.

Working titles may be used to:

  • Provide a more specific description of the function or work performed.
  • Better facilitate business communications.
  • Align with professional/industry practice.

Working titles should not:

  • Use elements of another official K-State job title.
  • Misrepresent the level of authority or responsibility of the position.

Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness reserves the right to deny a working title that does not follow these guidelines.


View the Guidelines for Managing Staff Pay online training to learn more about using pay ranges, working titles and when to request a position reclassification. Resources and tools presented in this training are made available for download.

View the compensation methodology video to learn about how job titles and pay are determined at K-State.